Sewage Clean Up

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Sewage Clean Up



CleanseForceUK are leading experts in sewage clean up, CleanseForceUK sewage clean up technicians all have a background in the sewage industry and have a unique understanding of biological matter. 


 We offer an out-of-hour rapid response sewage clean up service which has proved to be an essential service and highly regarded by our clients. 


A sewage clean up can usually be related to a result of flooding caused by a quick rapid downfall of rain water entering localised sewage systems causing hydraulic overload and a public sewer surcharge that affects commercial and residential properties alike, basements, downstairs bathrooms and kitchens, whole sewer systems can back up affecting an entire street of houses or shops.


Sometimes a sewage clean up can be caused by emergency sewage contractors trying to clear a sewer blockage which is starting to overload a localised sewer system causing toilets, baths and sinks to noticeably drain abnormally, manholes start to fill up nearing overflow point, emergency sewage contractors will attempt to relieve the sewer system by jetting the sewer system with high pressure water jetting plant in an attempt to clear the sewer blockage, sometimes, by introducing more water into the sewer system than it can handle a sewer clean up will be required, commonly known as a blow back, this is where sewage backs up into properties due to a combination of the stubborn sewer blockage and the lay out of the individual properties internal plumbing, like a downstairs toilet, kitchen or internal manhole for example.

CleanseForceUK Sewer Clean Up services:

  • Rapid sewage clean up response times

  • Clearing and cleaning the affected area

  • Disinfecting the affected area

  • Complete decontamination, eradication of detrimental micro-organisms

  • Complete odour elimination

  • Local authority sewer clean ups

  • Licensed to use water hydrants for water supply

  • Free site survey with a no obligation quote

The benefits of a CleanseForceUK sewage clean up?

We are proudly Eco-friendly and try to only use Eco-friendly cleaning products, our cleaning vehicles are fully kitted out for every cleaning eventuality, all our professional cleaning staff are friendly and willing to go the extra mile for client satisfaction.

CleanseForceUK have a strong client base in all sectors counting major household blue chip companies, fresh and wastewater companies, council depots and new build construction companies among our clientele.

  • Trade as a VAT registered Limited Company

  • All cleaning work is fully insured

  • All our professional cleaners work for CleanseForceUK only

  • Free, no obligation cleaning quotation

  • Short notice around the clock cleaning is not a problem

  • Rapid facilities cleaning

  • High performance cleaning products


For a friendly professional Sewage clean up service that will swiftly respond to your emergency situation, look no further than CleanseForceUK

020 3673 1559