Builders Clean


What is a Builders Clean?

Builders generally leave mess behind, it is the nature of the beast, but they also leave behind the various trades lesser publicised issues such as plaster on metalwork, paint on window glass, generally any situation where a tradesman hasn’t utilised his protection system adequately, this is were the builders clean steps in.


Mostly all trades and builders clean up as they progress through a job, for example - you cannot paint skirting boards with dust on the floor, you cannot paint walls or woodwork with plaster splashed on them, you get the idea, practically all sites have dust in them for the duration of the build/renovation, with workmen having a sweep up clean daily.

It is only when a site is truly empty of tradesmen & bare of building materials that the builders clean can take place, this is to make the property presentable for the developer, it may well still have various trades doing the last essential snagging work at the developer’s request but will be very close to completion.

Floors will take the brunt of all the trades during the building and decorating process even though they will have been temporarily covered in most cases and in some instances could still need a deep builders clean, all hard floor space should be vacuumed and mopped clean accordingly, it may be necessary for the carpets to be washed in the builders clean.

A builders clean should ensure that all cabinetry is dirt free, cleaned on top and hygienic inside and out, all shelves, worktops and surfaces should be wiped over thoroughly, all sanitary ware, kitchen and utility areas should also be sterile, disinfected and squeaky clean.

Electrical switches, sockets, high level light fittings, kitchen electrical's need wiping over as well, sockets and switches may also benefit from paint removal to establish an immaculate finished builders clean.

During a bulders clean, windows, double glazing will need sponge washing, rinsing and micro-fibre polishing for a pristine finish, freshly painted windows may need a razor to make the paint work more uniform looking.

All external gutter boards, gutters, soffits & fascia boards will need washing down, pathways, hard standing patios, BBQ areas, balconies will all also be scrubbed down in a builders clean.

You can always specify your requirements beyond these builders clean recommendations but remember this - The aim of a proper builders clean is to make the finishing trades work look even better.

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CleanseForceUK offer a wide variety of construction cleaning services at any stage of the building process, these include sparkle cleans for presentation to the client and prospective buyers/tenants’ perusal. CleanseForceUK also undertake on site welfare unit cleans, we can organise weekly/bi-weekly site visitations by our trained cleaners at very competitive rates.

Why should you choose CleanseForceUK?

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For an eco-friendly builders clean  that will leave the newly constructed project immaculately fresh on the ending of contractor possession,  look no further than CleansForceUK.

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