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Crime Scene Cleaners Nationwide

For impressive response times and fully trained emergency cleaning technicians – Call 020 3673 1559

CleanseForceUK has a dedicated and experienced crime scene division, you will want to move swiftly when the crime or trauma scene has been released by the Police force, CleanseForceUK can quickly dispatch an experienced crime or trauma scene technician to any part of the United Kingdom 24/7 to deal with this delicate situation. 

CleanseForceUK aim to be cost effective and time saving with total focus on the clients cleaning wishes, time constraints & availability, we strive to offer a tailored cleaning service on budgets to suit all with, thorough and discreet professional crime scene cleaning is the benchmark of the divisions mission statement.

When dealing with a trauma incident, it is vital that any bodily fluids or remaining blood is expertly removed and disposed of as probable hazardous waste, the area should be pristinely cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to reduce the risks that are related to high risk contaminants such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), these are all passed on by contact with bodily fluids, which makes the de-contamination of these affected zones of paramount importance.

Much to most people’s surprise, emergency services do not arrange for the clean up of a trauma, suicide or crime scene area once it has been released after investigation, it is the duty of the property owner to arrange a crime scene clean up or trauma scene clean up.

CleanseForceUK offer crime, trauma and death scene clean-ups that incorporates the specialised decontamination process known as fogging, conventional cleaning procedures alone cannot lower the risk of infection to zones that have been exposed to blood and bodily fluids.

Fogging equipment initiates micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that permeate the air for about ten minutes after implementation, this enables the solution to penetrate places that otherwise would not have been reached with conventional cleaning methods alone. fogging treats both the air and the surfaces thus reducing infectious pathogens effectively and safely after crime, trauma and death clean ups.


For a sensitive and discreet crime scene or trauma scene clean up, utilising the most up to date and advanced method approach backed up with an accredited  management team who are on call providing rapid assistance 24/7 to these distressing circumstances who can undertake the work with sensitivity and compassion to ensure that your property is restored to normality expeditiously give CleanseForceUK a call.

020 3673 1559